• The Johnson Memorial Bible Institute mission is to train and equip men and women for Christian service. Through its various classes, the students are challenged to grow academically and spiritually. Through a monitored curriculum from Oklahoma Baptist University (OBU), the Evangelical Training Association (ETA) and the Bethel Bible Series, we reach the objectives of our goal.  We strongly emphasize Bible study and leadership in the church.
  • OBU Degree Program
  • We offer college credit courses each semester through Oklahoma Baptist University.  You can work toward an Associate or Bachelor Degree, a second degree (only 39 additional hours), or a university-issued diploma in Christian Studies.  Courses or offered during the Spring and Fall semesters here at St. John. Students can take up to 12 hours or 3 hours a week, depending on their schedule. Classes meet from 6p.m. - 8:30p.m. We ask you to prayerfully consider enrolling in our Oklahoma Baptist University courses and encourage your Assistant and/or Associate ministers and Christian Education leaders to attend this fall or spring.
  • JMBI Fish Fry
  • Evangelical Training Association (ETA)
  • This tailored Christian education courses offer study of the Bible and ministry skills.  Certificates are awarded for the successful completion of each course.  The costs of these classes are minimal.
  • Bethel Bible Series
  • A comprehensive two year bible study of the Old and New Testament where the student  engages in the major themes of the bible with the use of pictures to help the student in his/her quest for understanding. At the end of the two years, family and friends are invited to witness your rights of passage at graduation. Contact Rev. Kirk if you need more information about this learning opportunity.
  • Bethel Bible Study Graduation-2011
  • Taking a Walk Through Bible History
  • On October 6ththe Oklahoma Baptist University Hermeneutics Class of the Johnson Memorial Bible Institute viewed the Passages exhibit at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art.  Passages is a 14,000 square foot interactive, multi-media exhibition that features some of the most exquisite and rare Biblical manuscripts, printed Bibles, and historical items in the world.  The exhibit includes a Dead Sea Scroll text, a portion of the Gutenberg Bible, ancient Biblical papyri, and multiple first editions of the English Bible through the King James Version.  This year marks the 400thanniversary of the King James Bible.
  • The hermeneutics class teaches how to appropriately study the Bible in the context of which it was written.  The students have been learning the history of the Bible and the methodology of how to pull meaning from the there and then to the “here and now”.  By attending the exhibit the students were able to see firsthand examples of early transcriptions of the Bible and other artifacts that helped shape the Bible we use today


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