• JacjJemison101221Mrs. Jacqueline Renee Jemison,1st Lady Jacquie€ť as she is fondly called, was born February 18th in Wichita Falls, Texas to James and Leona Norris.  She is the third of six children. Mrs. Jacquie has been married to Pastor Major L. Jemison for the past 41 years and has one son, Mr. MaKinsley Jemison.  MaKinsley is a 2008 graduate of Georgetown College in Kentucky.
  • She is a 1977 graduate of Bishop College in Dallas, Texas , receiving a bachelor’s degree in public administration and law and has hours towards the master degree in public administration from the University of Central Oklahoma.  While attending Bishop College, she sang and traveled nationally with the renowned Bishop College Concert Choir and performed with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra as a contralto soloist.
  • Sis. Jacquie is a faithful member of St. John and has emerged as a detailed conference planner and Black History Program Director and Chairman over the recent years at this church.  She has brought in many dignitaries and distinguished personalities for honor and recognition from our church.
  • Our 1st Lady is the founder and organizer of St. John’s 1st Annual Women’s Conference.  Under her leadership, St. John has hosted two successful women’s conferences.  She has brought in citywide, state and national names and musicians such as Vanessa Bell Armstrong for these events.
  • She is chairman and co-teacher of the WMU OHJ Mission Circle  Sister Jemison has a very active and loving mission class on Monday nights. Her passion is to visit the sick and shut-in with her mission group. Sister Jemison has introduced many ideas and changes to the women of St. John.
  • Sister Jemison has also assumed positions of leadership beyond the church, in the Oklahoma City, state and national arena.  She was 1st Lady of the Progressive National Baptist Convention from 2002 to 2006.  She served as chairman of the State of Oklahoma Lupus Board for over 4 years.  Under her leadership, a massive fundraiser was developed with the Remington Park Assoc. for Funds to Lupus.  She also served on the National Board of Lupus in Washington, D.C. as Chair for Development. Several times she has traveled to Washington as a representative of Oklahoma for advocacy for Lupus at the capital. Because of these trips, medical funds were released by the senate for drug research for Lupus patients.
  • She is a proud AKA member and has served on committees with her chapter.  She currently serves as a member to the Board for the Ralph Ellison Library and is serving on the Board of BLAC. Inc.  Her duties include working on their fund raising committee.
  • Sister Jemison has worked for over 35 years at the University of Central Oklahoma in the Departments Of Admissions and Financial Aid  She is well recognized, respected at the university and has helped many students from our church and community.  She is always available to help members and friends get assistance into and through their college experience.  She travels and teaches financial aid regulation to her colleagues.  She spends many days with high schools doing financial aid awareness for seniors preparing for college.
  • We all know that she loves to fish and would do it morning, noon or night.  She enjoys going to the movies, drama, aerobics, bowling, singing, jazz, reading and especially traveling.  She has traveled to Egypt, Jordan, Paris and London. She has done mission work in the Virgin Islands, Bahamas and Haiti. Sometimes, she and Pastor just slip away to their cabin in Disney, Oklahoma to spend a few days fishing.
  • Our 1st Lady enjoys life and being around family and her many friends.She is a great cook and loves hosting guests at her home for dinner and cookouts. The First Family has hosted several events at their lovely home.  Members are always welcome and well fed at the Jemison household.
  • All in all, she is a loving and caring 1st Lady.  She is easy to talk to, kind and fun to be with, no matter who you are.  She is a prayer warrior, and is exceedingly gifted.  She will do all she can and then some more for anyone in this the Lord’s Church.  Sis. Jacquie is a woman of God, a political activist, an innovative program planner, an avid church leader, and a wonderful wife and mother.


Our First Lady